Upcoming articles

I’ve been writing a lot about shale gas: the implications of the “revolution” (BP boss Tony Hayward’s description) on global energy supplies and the geopolitics of energy. A piece earlier this month in The Economist, a recent one in Prospect, and numerous articles in Petroleum Economist have been the outlet for months of interviewing on the topic.

In the next couple of weeks, I want to write a bit about President Yanukovich’s plans to offer Ukraine’s pipeline network up to a consortium of companies, including Gazprom. This could be decisive for the pipeline politics in the region. Anyone who has a view on this, or on Europe’s natural-gas situation more broadly, and would like to share it, please contact me (derekbrower@gmail.com).

A totally separate topic is new developments in handling the tailings ponds in the oil sands. The tailings are the most difficult — and ugliest — of the oil sands’ environmental problems. But the developers are starting to think a solution might be in the off. It’s the domain of the guys and gals in white coats inside the laboratories, but it could be decisive in the greening of the oil sands.

I’ll also be doing some writing for Tom Nicholls’ annual book: How the Energy Industry Works. (The previous editions are available on his website.) It’s a guide for students considering a career in the energy sector. It’s good fun.


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