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This website collects my most recent published work, as well as some unpublished thoughts. I will be uploading older articles over time. All of it is under copyright and much of it is only available by subscription to the publication itself.



  1. Mike O'Neill

    Mr. Brower,

    After perusing several websites dedicated to the intersection of geopolitics and global energy markets, your collection of articles appears to be quite impressive.

    As a fellow “Russia watcher” with a keen interest in global gas markets, I was wondering what you think the prospects are for President Putin to move into an executive position with Gazprom or another energy company following the upcoming election? My sense is that he will not go directly into the private sector, but will seek to remain a dominant force in Russian politics.

    Appreciate the blog and looking forward to your thoughts,

    Mike O’Neill

    P.S. My firm also publishes a blog on energy issues, focusing on the emerging LNG market in North America, http://www.LNGLawBlog.com.

  2. browler

    Hi Mike,
    Many thanks for the comment. I’ve seen your blog before, too — pretty good.
    Re Putin and executive position at Gazprom… I don’t think so, either. I think he’d see it as too radical a step down from the control he has now (even though Gazprom chief if certainly one of the top jobs in the country). I don’t think we’ve seen the last of him in the executive of power, either. Powerful prime minister for a few years; then president for another eight: that’s my prediction.

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