About Derek Brower

I’m a journalist who covers energy and politics. I’m a regular contributor to The Economist and editor-at-large at Petroleum Economist. I’ve also written for Prospect, the Times, the Guardian, the Calgary Herald, Business New Europe, and for publications relating to energy, Russian affairs and literature. Since May, I’ve been editing Gulf Oil Review. I’ve covered Russia and the Former Soviet Union extensively, but in recent years have increasingly focused on the Middle East and North Africa.

I hold a PhD in Russian literature and an MA in East European studies, both from the University of London. My first degree, from Oxford University, was in Modern History. I speak, in ascending order of competency, English, Russian and French. I’ve lived in the UK, Canada and Russia.

That’s Somalia, by the way, and I’m the guy without an assault rifle.

Please contact me at derekbrower@gmail.com



  1. ian coombe

    hello – did send an email to your gmail account but it didn’t seem to get through ….

    Dear Mr Brower

    We note with great interest your recent article reviewing the film – a crude awakening.

    We would very much like to talk to you about the flaws in the peak oil theory.
    Our program is called counterpoint – part of our brief is to question current orthodoxies.

    Could you spare 10 – 15 minutes for an interview with Abc radio national in Australia ?

    ( it’s a bit like BBC radio 4 ) http://www.abc.net.au/rn/

    Due to the time difference, would a phone call one week day evening after 8.30 pm ( UK ) be a possibility ?

    The interview would be pre recorded.

    Thank you for considering this request

    I look forward to hearing from you


    Ian Coombe
    Producer, Counterpoint
    ABC Radio National
    Ph +61 2 8333 1336

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