Business New Europe

A new gas bubble inflates over emerging Europe (The global gas glut eases worries about Russian gas. August 23, 2010)

Kremlin energy comes to Hungary (Surgut buying into Mol. April 6, 2009)

Gazprom warns natural gas prices could triple by 2009 (From the famous and bizarre Gazprom press conference in Deauville, France, in 2008. June 11, 2008)

OMV warns EU laws could give Gazprom role in Nabucco (European pipeline politics. April 4, 2008)

Russia runs rings around Europe (Gazprom and its pipelines. March 3, 2008)

EC claims Hungary deal over South Stream not threat to Nabucco (Pipelines in Europe. February 27, 2008)

OMV puts Baumgarten at hub of energy security debate in Europe (Pipelines and Gazprom in Europe. January 31, 2008)

Putin caps foreign policy with energy deals in Southeast Europe (Russian pipeline politics. January 18, 2008)

Gazprom eyes TNK-BP stake, warns opponents to stay clear (Bullish Gapzrom. November 29, 2007)

BP’s giant gas find adds impetus to Azerbaijan export plans (Caspian energy. November 21, 2007)

Review: Greed and corruption in the Caspian (Review of Steve Levine’s excellent book on oil politics in central Asia. November 23, 2007)

Chevron seeks stake in Bulgaria-Greece pipeline (Oil pipelines in Europe. November 13, 2007)

Ex-Soviet states push unlikely Baltics-to-Caspian energy corridor (European pipeline politics. October 16, 2007)

OMV prepares for long battle to win Hungary’s Mol (On Austria’s attempt to win Hungary’s state oil company. October 11, 2007)

European Commission throws down gauntlet to Gazprom (EU confusion about Russian energy. September 21, 2007)

Lukoil targets Europe (Russian expansion in EU oil. August 17, 2007)


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