Energy Independence for Europe? (On shale gas’s potential in Europe. March 22, 2010)

Crude politics (On the scramble for Iraqi oil. July 23, 2009)

Europe’s pipe dream (We’ll still need Gazprom’s gas. February 28, 2009)

Oil and troubled waters (Somalia, and questionable oil company involvement. January 17, 2009)

A vicious cycle of subsidy (How developing countries’ subsidies contributed to the boom in oil prices in 2008. July 26, 2008)

Alberta’s oil rush (On Alberta’s oil sands. February 29, 2008)

A crude analysis (A critical review of the peak-oil film ‘A crude awakening’. February 25, 2007)

Checkmate Gazprom (On Gazprom’s power. July 28, 2007)

An unusual oilman (On BP’s former boss, John Browne. June 30, 2007)

Rise of the gripe site (On two men, one website, and a thorn in Shell’s side. February 25, 2007)

Gazprom’s triumph (Liberalised energy markets in Europe and Gazprom’s rise. August 27, 2006)

Split-screen Russia (On the new wave in Russian cinema. April 23, 2006)

The definitive Dostoevsky (Review of Joseph Frank’s five-volume biography. July 20, 2002)

Striking oil in Afghanistan (Oil and gas and war in Central Asia. November 20, 2001)


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