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Getting from Salloum to Benghazi and other logistics

Sad Salloum (Photo: Eric Kampherbeek, http://www.lacouleur.nl)

I promised myself that when I was back from Libya I’d do a favour to other journalists — especially the freelance ones like me — and write a post about the specifics of getting into the rebel-held east. Forget the fears about heading into a warzone: before I left for Libya, it was the logistics that troubled me most. And, specifically, I was worried about how dicey or otherwise the trip across the north of eastern Libya would be.

It isn’t. The trip was safe. There’s a big difference between going to Benghazi, now deep inside rebel territory, and going to, say, Brega or Misrata. This post isn’t about that kind of trip.

So here, to prevent others going through the same fruitless Google search for information, is my Guide on How to Get from Egypt to Benghazi.  Continue reading